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This page contains photo's provided by genealogists of early settlers and historic places in Winona County.  Double Click on the thumbnail to view the entire image.


My great, great grandfather, Dr. Jeduthan Green Baldwin (1813-1900), was the first medical man to live in Lewiston, Winona County, Minnesota and operated the first pharmacy in Lewiston. My cousin, Carol M. Baldwin, sent this photo to me based upon her travels to Minnesota. Her comments follow:

Jeduthan's Drug Store: I took this photo around 1989, shortly before leaving for Asia. Alice Yaekel, Bud's widow, showed me the building and told me that it had originally been used by Jeduthan as a drug store. It was adjacent to Yaekel's hardware store. I was told that this building was purchased by a Lewiston resident who was attempting to restore some of the old historic buildings. I do not know where this building currently resides, or who bought it.

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Richard Walter Heer

Richard Walter Heer, who lived in Winona, MN from about the 1880s when he married Anna Smeltzer. They had 7 children, their son Raymond, b. 1889-d. 1970 was my grandfather. Richard Walter Heer born 1859 @ Galena, IL died 1918 @ Winona, MN


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Minnesota City, Minnesota

The photograph above is from the late 1800's and shows a street scene of Minnesota City, Minnesota. Depicted are 3 boys and 6 men standing on the boardwalk in front of a saloon named The West End. The sign on the saloon reads Drink Grain Belt Beer, The West End, Makenzae, Prop. Proprietor's name might also read H. KRENZKE and is hard to make out.


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